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What is e?

e is a very unique expression. It is a math expression that uses e (2.6 something), i (sqrt(-1)), and π (3.14159). What makes it even more interesting is that it equals -1. Here are some facts about this expression:

  • e happens to be Dean Kamen's uniform number in softball.
  • In one of the Halloween episodes of The Simpsons when Homer finds the third dimention e can be found flying by him
  • eπi is another way of writing it but when it is written out in english it doesn't look good to me so I us "i" first.
  • e = -1
    e3iπ = e * e * e
    :: e = e3iπ
    ln e = ln e3iπ
    ::iπ = 3iπ
    :: 1 = 3
    This is obviously false because instead of equals I should be using equivilent but it is nice to trick people
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